Valley Nu-Glaze

About Valley Nu-Glaze

We at Valley Nu-Glaze Corp. have been refinishing bathtubs and showers in Wisconsin and Upper Michigan since 1979. Since then we have refinished over 4000 bathtubs and showers.

Our process starts with the removal of caulk and thorough cleaning of the existing finish, acid etching for porcelain tubs and roughening the surface of fiberglass. Next is the application of primer and multiple coats of acrylic-poly blend material. This process takes four to five hours. We take every precaution in the treatment of the rest of your bathroom, eliminating overspray and minimizing odors.

A three day curing time is necessary before the bathtub or shower can be used.

Any work above the the bathtub, such as plumbing or tile, should be completed before refinishing.